1. All commercial relationships between Aligenti BV (Stanneman) and the customer are governed by the following general rental conditions. These conditions apply to every rental of tap trucks. By placing his order (order), the customer acknowledges that he has taken note of the general rental conditions and that he has accepted them without reservation. The customer also waives his own conditions.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a deposit of €250 must be paid on every order for the rental of the tap trolleys.
  3. The reservation is only confirmed after written order confirmation and receipt of the deposit.
  4. All complaints must be communicated by the customer as soon as possible and by registered letter within five (5) days after delivery.
  5. All deliveries are payable in cash on the invoice date. In the event of late payment, an interest of 6% per month is due by operation of law and without notice of default, whereby each started month counts as a full month. In addition, a compensation clause of 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum of 50 euros is due. All judicial and extrajudicial collection costs are for the account of the customer and owed by the mere passing of the payment term. Late payment makes all other invoices immediately and fully payable on demand. Payments are first charged on the collection costs, the compensation clause, the interests and only then on the principal sum, according to the most recent invoice date. In the event of a partial dispute, the undisputed portion will be paid. (from sales conditions as stated on Aligenti BV invoices)
  6. Aligenti BV is not responsible for obligations that cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure or reasons beyond its control.

  7. Cancellation by the tenant is only possible in writing, stating the reason. Cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the rental period is free of charge. Cancellation later than 48 hours before the start, entitles us to compensation of 50% of the value of the agreement. This 50% is first deducted from the paid deposit, after which, if necessary, the remaining amount is refunded and the remaining amount invoiced. (transport costs are deducted here).

  8. The prices as stated on the website are always stated per item and are valid for the maximum period, on the one hand from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon (weekend) and on the other for 3 consecutive weekdays. For longer rental periods, a separate price offer must be made.
  9. The rented equipment is delivered in perfect condition and fully in accordance with the order form. The customer is therefore requested to carefully inspect the received material and to notify us within two hours of receipt if any defect or shortcoming is found. These notifications can be made by telephone on mobile: 0476 44 09 17 or by e-mail:
  10. The tenant is obliged to take good care of the safekeeping and preservation of the rented materials and will return them in perfect condition after the rental. Any damage or defect will be immediately reported to Aligenti BV. The customer is obliged to have any repairs to the rented materials carried out only by a party chosen by Aligenti BV.
  11. The tenant is fully responsible for all damage or theft during the entire rental period, regardless of the delivery location determined by the tenant.
  12. In case of loss, the lost goods will be charged at new value.
  13. In the event of an accident or theft, the tenant declares to immediately inform the police and Aligenti BV.
  14. All repairs that are the result of misuse, loss, theft or damage will be charged to the customer, as well as the cleaning costs of insufficiently cleaned materials.
  15. The customer is solely responsible for any use of the materials.

  16. Subletting or transfer of lease is strictly prohibited without written permission from the lessor.

  17. All materials must be neatly and cleanly cleaned for return (no food leftovers, drink stains, etc.) and must be stacked dry in the provided means of transport. If the tenant fails to do so, the additional services will be invoiced by Aligenti BV at the hourly wage of 20 eur/hour.

  18. The moment of collection of the materials is discussed in advance or during delivery and of course stated on the receipt or agreement.

  19. The consumption and supply of electricity are at the expense of the tenant.

  20. Rental chairs and tables extra:
  • The chairs and tables must be placed back in the containers or on pallets as the materials were delivered. Neatly stacked for easy and safe transport.
  • All impurities, including decorations, must be removed upon collection.
  • Thumbnails or staples do not belong in the tables or chairs. This is considered damage that must be compensated to Aligenti BV.
  1. The cars are delivered in a clean condition, please also return them clean and clean as they were delivered.
  2. The trailers are placed by us at the designated place of the tenant (passable place). These may not be moved by the tenants. The renter is responsible for any traffic violations and resulting fines. Own transport=100% responsibility.
  3. The lessor can never be held liable for loss or damage caused to the goods and valuable objects left by the lessee in the tap and/or refrigerated truck, or to the products used in the tap and/or refrigerated truck (including setting up and storage at the correct temperatures). The tenant releases the landlord from any responsibility for all acts, costs, complaints and damages arising out of such loss or damage. The lessee must also keep a close eye on all temperatures at all times to prevent damage to products or to the contents of the cooling installation.
  4. The trailers are extra secured by Aligenti BV with a wheel clamp and nose lock.
  5. Rental glasses:
  • Glasses are always placed in the corresponding boxes or bins
  • The glasses are washed cleanly and placed in the bins or boxes. If the tenant has not done this properly or in case Aligenti BV has to do this, an extra cost of 0.15 €/glass for washing up with a minimum amount of 10 € will be charged.
  1. Delivery and transport:
  • The delivery will always take place on the day and time indicated on the order form, but in the event of force majeure the customer will not be able to claim compensation.

Transport costs: free delivery within 15km of Aligenti BV. 1€/km for distances from 15km.

  • The customer will always be present at the agreed time to receive the materials.
  • As a renter, you are responsible for the damage caused to the trailers during the rental period. Damage of whatever nature will be recovered from the tenant.
  • Collection and/or return by own transport must take place safely and without risk of damage to the material.
  • The customer will notify in advance if there are special requirements for delivery. eg. Surface unpaved or gravel, longer distances than 20 meters from the unloading point, thresholds, embankments, stairs, floor, ….
  1. Aligenti BV is not liable for damage that could arise directly or indirectly from the rented materials to the tenant or to third parties. Not even if this damage could be the result of faulty material. The tenant will indemnify Aligenti BV in this regard against all claims, including claims from third parties.
  2. Belgian law applies. Any dispute falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Antwerp, Turnhout division.