Stanneman ‘Extra Double’ is a  very dark ‘stout-like’ Herselts regional beer with a nice firm foam head and a creamy texture.


Stanneman ‘Blond’ is flavored with interesting hops.


Stanneman ‘Silent Killer’ is our beer killer beer of the house. With an extra high alcohol percentage, it provides an intense strong-bodied spicy bite.

Stanneman Blond, a golden blond beer with an alcohol percentage of 6% vol. A perfect thirst-quencher. The use of Mosaic and Cascade hops gives it a beautiful aroma of peach and apricot. Taste-wise a subtle fruitiness is followed by a dry bitter aftertaste that remains present. It has you longing for the next sip.

Stanneman blond is perfect as companion to Thai food or as an aperitif beer.

Special Bitter.

Stanneman Extra Double is pure enjoyment. This very dark ‘stout-like’ beer has a beautiful dark foam head and a creamy texture.

It has a dominant aroma of coffee and chocolate with an undertone of light raisin-like sweetness. The onset is sweet with a creamy mouthfeel.  Chocolate and licorice do return, but it is mostly the strong bitter coffee taste that lingers.

For dessert lovers: a chocotoff brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is the perfect match with Stanneman Extra Double.

Stanneman Silent Killer is a beer brewed on the principle of double mashing. Basically, we brew with beer instead of water. This brewing process is extremely time consuming and expensive but well worth the effort. And as if this wouldn’t be enough, we use the same noble hop variety throughout the entire brewing process: Mosaic….. This gives us a beer with a very high alcohol percentage. What differentiates this beer from most heavy beers is that the alcohol is quite well hidden. Therefore it is very treacherous and definitely worth of its name!

Silent Killer is an amber-orange champ with a light beige creamy foam head. The body reveals lots of sweet malt alongside a decent portion of spicy hops and supporting scents of ripe banana, alcohol, raisin and eucalyptus.

The taste is initially sweet and gooey but is quickly joined by a solid hop bitterness. Lots of additional aromas like banana, solvent, caramel, peach, licorice. Sticky and incredibly full-bodied.

A perfect fireplace companion!!

Best Belgian entry.

Bienne is a winebeer that was born from a collaboration between ‘Stanneman’ and ‘Gust Wijnen en Meer’. This unique blend of beer and wine is a newcomer in the scala of aperitives. Bienne is extremely fruity with a pallet of apricots and rhubarb. A sweet onset is complemented by a slightly acidic touch that provides the necessary freshness.

The subtle bitterness in the aftertaste ensures that Bienne is a perfect companion for Mediterranean dishes.

The best of both worlds in your glass.
Be surprised.